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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Click HERE to see David Guetta in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Video courtesy Michael Honablue
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Oxygen Therapy

  • $125 / 1 session
  • $600 / 6 session
  • $1,140 / 12 session

White Light has a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, in which you lay down, for a nap, to read, or even talk on the phone. You climb inside the comfortable "nest" complete with soft blankets and pillows. This chamber is a blessing for all ailments. It promotes healing, increases energy and makes sleeping easier. Your body recovers from workouts more efficiently burns fat faster and even increases in speed and endurance. The medical benefits are numerous: O2 Therapy can assist in the recovery from brain injuries and has theraputic effects for those with cerebral palsy, alzheimer's disease, heart disease, and many others. The chamber contains17% more oxygen than the outside air


"I love the Oxygen Chamber. Since I am a triathlete, it gives me the recovery and energy to get through my daily work outs. I will keep coming back in the future for hair removal and for the chamber." -John, Aventura, FL

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