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Smooth Shapes Cellulite Reduction

Smooth Shapes Cellulite Reduction

  • $150 / Single Treatment
  • $1200 / 10 Sessions
  • $2000 / 20 Sessions
  • $4500 / 1Yr UNLIMITED

Lessen cellulite, tighten and smooth the skin! This pain free treatment uses laser and heat energy. Collagen is re-generated, circulation is improved and the metabolism is restored. Contoured rollers and vacuum massage move the liquefied fat into the lymphatic system. A series of treatments is recommended.

Q: How does Smooth Shapes anti cellulite work?
A: Cellulite is a common skin condition known for its dimpled appearance caused by enlarged fat cells trapped in an inflexible network of fibrous tissue located in the subcutaneous layers of skin. It affects 85-98% of post-pubertal women - 151 million women in the US alone. For years it was thought that cellulite occurred primarily due to obesity, excessive weight gain, lack of exercise and poor diet, but in actuality, this is not the case. The formation of cellulite is due to several genetic and physical factors that include hormones, vascular changes and connective tissue changes. The SmothShapes system effectively treats cellulite by improving the overall condition of enlarged fat cells and inflexible fibrous tissue through a technology called Photomology® which is non-destructive. As illustrated below, Photomology restores enlarged cells through a unique mechanism of action which combines dynamic laser and light energy with mechanical manipulation (vacuum and massage) to specifically target problem cellulite resulting in smoother looking skin.

Q: How many treatments do I need?
A: The SmoothShapes treatment protocol consists of 2 treatments a week for five weeks for a total of ten treatments. Many patients begin to notice changes in their skin texture and firmness about half way through treatments.

Q: What does it feel like? What will it look like after?
A:After the treatment your skin will be a little red, and warm feeling. The skin will also feel tighter. There is no pain or downtime!

Q: Does this really work?
A: The Smoothshapes system is FDA approved for cellulite reduction! Millions of users report happy results, and are continuing the treatment! Many celebrities credit the system as their "lifesaver," especially women over 40!

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